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A thought on ‘Why We Are Here’

Have you read the news?  – it is not the head line item, but it is there – –  buried under G20 news, items about Cricket, High Court, a Comet landing and David Cameron – Showers to be placed near […]

What is your Character based on?

It is shocking at first hearing (or initial reading) when Jesus says he has come to bring division, not peace. (Luke 12:51) We often put Jesus nicely upon a shelf in our life and ascribe niceties assumed of a ‘soft […]

STEWARDSHIP – say it with me…..

It can be a dirty word for some in church circles – Stewardship. Now that I have your your attention, ‘What is’ you say, ‘Stewardship.’   Being a steward is someone who is faithful with a master’s property.  Many parables of […]

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Australian Aid contributes substantially to the movement to end extreme poverty, helping to provide safe water and sanitation, medical care, gender equality programs, and much more throughout the world.

But in 2014, the federal government cut Australian Aid by over 11 billion, leaving at its lowest level of funding for sixty years.

Burwood Croydon Uniting Church supports the Campaign for Australian Aid.  The campaign encourages Australians to put fairness and generosity into practice by prioritising the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people.